The 1905 Huntington Sewing and Trade School

209 Main Street
Huntington, New York 11743

This unique building was, in the early 1900’s, home to a school which taught sewing and housekeeping skills to young women, and trades to the young men of the community. See a Map for the location.

Designed by Cady, Berg and See, 1905, architects of the original Metropolitan Opera House and The American Museum of Natural History, this unusually shaped building originally housed one of America’s first vocational schools. It has been important to many generations of Huntingtonians as a place to learn marketable skills; to study English, citizenship, dance and dramatics, and as a Hebrew School.

It was purchased by the Society in 1982. The top floor, with its original patterned tin ceiling, is used to house the Administrative Offices of the Society. The main floor and lower level is used to house the Library Resource Center and Archives.


Photos showing children attending the Sewing and Trade School, in the early 20th century, are available from the Archives maintained, today, in that building.