As 1917 slipped away, and with it, quietly but in ever-increasing numbers the youth of our town, the Huntington Historical Society began to realize the need of gathering the names of these men and the facts concerning them and systematically set about doing so. Realizing too how great would one day be the value of having the records of the entire county available in some one place, the work of having them gathered for preservation by this society was carefully planned…” (The Long Islander 25 March 1921 p. 10)

The work of the “Suffolk County Service Records’ Committee” resulted in a card file of nearly 4500 World War I veterans from Suffolk County, NY. Information recorded on these cards include:

  1. full name of the veteran
  2. post office address
  3. enlisted or drafted
  4. branch of service
  5. entrance date
  6. father’s full name, mother’s full maiden name
  7. rank, discharge date, and other facts of interest including citations, etc. or date and place of death.

(Please note: All cards may not provide all of the above information.

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SEARCH instructions

  • In order to determine if a specific individual is represented in our files type his/her last name only into the search box and submit query. A list of matching surnames will be listed in the table along with first name, middle name (if stated), and the post office servicing the town in which they lived.
  • Please note: names are Transcribed as spelled on the original Handwritten card. We have not corrected or reinterpreted spellings.
  • If your first search does not reveal the veteran you are looking for type an alternate spelling of the last name into the search box and submit query OR type several letters of the last name in the search box and submit query. This second method will generate a list of all surnames in the database beginning with those letters. Examples Names beginning ie “Di La” should be searched with and without spaces, search ie “O’Connor” must use apostrophe.
  • If you would like to obtain a copy of a veteran’s card or have any questions, contact our Resource Center or mail a copy of the request form to us. Copies of the records are available for $5 per name requested.