Family History

FAMILY HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY Abrams Albicoco, Sam Ambro, Jerome Andre, Major John Arrowsmith-Titus Auserehl Avery   Bailey, Paul Baker Ballton, Samuel Banvard Barnes-Gustafson Barto Baruch Bates Baylies, Mrs. Edmund L. Bedell Belknap Binder, Allan Blatchley Bloxsom Blydenburgh Bowen (Bowne) Bradley Brewster Brice Brodsky, Stan (artist) Bryan(t) Buba, Joy (artisit) Burgess Burr, James B. Burt Burtis…

Education Special Collections

SPECIAL COLLECTIONS Ackerly Family Collection Ackerson, H. Ward, Papers Adams, Mary C. Kelsey, Collection Anoatok, Inc. Arthur Family Collection Autographs Baker, Florence, Papers Baldwin, Dan, Collection Baldwin, Evelyn Briggs, Collection Baldwin Family Collection Banker, Howard J., Collection Barnes, Djuna Collection (Carman House Collection) Baylis Family Collection Bible Records Bragaw Diary Brindley Field Collection British Genealogical…

Oral History

A collection of recordings made of local individuals recounting aspects of Huntington’s history. The collection also includes interviews with members of the town’s Afro-American, Latino and Italian-American community conducted in the late 1980s. These recordings provided the basis for the Society’s exhibit and related programming “Reaching for a Dream: Huntington’s Ethnic Heritage” in collaboration with the Town of Huntington and CUNY.


The newspaper collection consists of bound and unbound issues of a variety of local papers from the early 1820’s to the present day. Of special interest is The Long Islander (1839-present) founded by Walt Whitman whose issues include death notices, advertisements and the “village notes” columns focusing on local events, individuals, and “local gossip.”

Maps and Atlases

The collection includes printed and hand drawn maps and atlases from the 17th century to the present. Among the highlights are the 1858 Chace Map of Suffolk County, the 1873 Beers, Comstock and Cline Atlas of Long Island, and E. Belcher Hyde’s Atlas of Nassau County (1906 and 1914) and Suffolk County (1909 and 1917). Road maps, surveys, and property maps for specific locations are also available.